About Us

About Us

Stirling Street Arts Centre is located on Wardandi Noongar boodjar, next to the Queen’s Gardens in the Bunbury CBD.

Home to cultural events, workshops and creative groups, the Centre is a multifaceted non profit organisation, dedicated to community & creativity in the South West.

Those interested in the creative arts can get involved with the Centre by attending a workshop, visiting an exhibition,  hiring our space or becoming a member.

For those with existing creative skills, take a look at our groups. Yearly membership is available for every group,.

If you’re new to the arts or would like to learn a new skill, take a look at our available workshops.

For more information about anything on our website phone our office on 9791 1256


Guided by our values, we will CREATE an inclusive, vibrant arts and cultural Centre.

COMMUNITY: We are invested in the community we serve and embrace diversity and inclusivity in the delivery of all programs and events.

RESPECT: We are inclusive, respectful, and considerate. We care deeply about our people and the community we serve.

EDUCATION: We support local artists and community members who are inspired to teach and learn, facilitating an exciting program of workshops in which they can share skills and knowledge.

ARTS: We are committed to building the arts in the South West, supporting members as well as local artists and communities by inspiring creativity through new ideas and sustaining traditional crafts.

TRANSPARENCY: We are committed to open and honest communication with all stakeholders, including the staff, board, members, community and sponsors.

EVOLUTION: We will continue to respond to community and evolve with new and innovative approaches to their needs, focusing on fun and positive social interaction

SSAC is a non profit charitable organisation

As a not for profit organisation the Stirling Street Arts Centre is committed to the delivery of arts and cultural activities to the community of the South West. We appreciate any donation that will help us achieve our vision of an inclusive, vibrant arts culture in this region.

Your donation will benefit all ages and abilities and be used to help subsidise classes and keep our events free to the public.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible, donations can be made in person at the Centre or with any workshop ticket purchase.

History of Stirling Street Arts Centre

The Stirling Street Arts Centre building was originally built in 1897 as the Bunbury Infant School for grades 1 – 3. It became necessary to build a separate Infant School as the school on Arthur Street became too big and more room was needed.

The Infant School was run completely separate from the Arthur Street school, but was joined by a footbridge which ran between the two schools over what was then James Street (now Blair Street).

The Infant School stayed on the same site until 1967, when they moved to Bunbury Primary School in Lovegrove Avenue and combined with the Years 4,5,6 & 7.

The building was then acquired by the Bunbury City Council and became a place for arts and crafts. Weavers and Spinners were the first groups to use the Centre. The Education Dept. hired the building for use by the Bunbury Technical School. The new Technical School on Robertson Drive was built in 1970 and all classes except arts & crafts were moved there in 1971. The pottery studio was later built by students from TAFE.

More groups joined the Weavers and Spinners at the Centre and from there, the Stirling Street Arts Centre evolved to become the important part of the Community it is today.