Art for Inclusion III

This is Art for inclusion’s third group exhibition and is put on to show the art created by two classes running over the entire year. The classes feature artists of all abilities, engaging in an all-inclusive community activity, which is non-structured, safe, fun and friendly. Most artists come with their carer or support worker, and they make art together and feed off one another’s creative energy and enthusiasm. There is total freedom given to the artists to freely explore their talents, which develop weekly. No boundaries are set on what they create. We often have people attend with no experience, and within weeks they’re discovering talents they have never explored.

Most of the week the participants are supported in the community to do activities and are assisted to do daily tasks. These classes reverse the roles, a morning where nobody is in charge, with time to interact and learn from everyone who attends. 

We are so lucky to hold our classes at Stirling Street Arts Centre, which is a fantastic community arts centre, and we are surrounded by many other highly talented and skilled art groups of all disciplines. We are able to see what the other art groups do, and really feel privileged to be amongst such amazing creatives. We feel part of a bigger arts community. 

We celebrate together, making each week, and “it’s not art like we know it”.