STAT1 Drawing Classes for Teens

STAT1 Drawing Classes for Teens

Saturday 22/02/2020
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Stirling Street Arts Centre, Bunbury Western Australia


This four-week workshop is for teenagers 12-16 who wish to develop their creative thinking abilities and gain confidence in drawing from life and their imagination.

Students will learn important foundational skills such as perspective, tone, still life, portraiture, colour, mark-making and the elements and principles of design. They will also develop skills in a range of drawing materials such as charcoal, pencil and ink.

The workshops are designed to encourage seeing the everyday world around us with fresh, inquiring eyes, and for each student to nurture their own visual style and interests.

About the Tutor

Andrea Schell is a visual artist who has drawn all her life as a way of visually exploring the world around her.
She has filled sketchbooks of her observed experiences, documenting life.

While Andrea has found wonderful artists who have taught her invaluable skills, her inquiring mind, with pencil in hand, has determined her artistic path of ‘learning by doing’. Andrea has taught drawing to a range of age groups for a number of years.

Participants bring:
  • Graphite pencils; range from 2B-6B, preferably 3B or 4B
  • Ruler (only required on week 2)
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Visual diary, A3 or A4

***Other materials are included***


Session 1

Title: Learning how to see

Description: In this session, participants will be introduced to the concept of negative space as an important aspect of drawing as well as effectively using mark-making techniques with pencil.

Session 2

Title: Spaced Out!: 3D space on 2D surface

Description: In this session, participants will be introduced to using perspective and tone to create an illusion of three dimensionality. They will create a drawing from their imagination using the rules of perspective, and an observational drawing from life.

Session 3

Title: Drawing Portraits

Description: Participants will learn general principles of face proportion to draw a colourful self-portrait without a mirror and a tonal portrait of a fellow class-member.

Session 4

Title: Inktastic: Experiments with India Ink

Description: In this session, participants explore pen and ink drawing techniques as well as creating tone with layers of wash. They will create a still life drawing using these techniques.

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Stirling Street Arts Centre
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