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Southwest Tapestry Weaving

Tapestry is the Elegant Art that has mirrored our history for over four hundred thousand years

The Southwest Tapestry Weavers are innovative group of weavers who meet on a Wednesday at the Stirling Street Arts Centre

The group initially came together in March 2001 after receiving a grant from Country Arts to learn the art of Tapestry Weaving. Professional weaver Sue Arvidson tutored the group of nine women and one man for a period of 9 months to develop their skills in this age old craft, but sadly passed away a while ago and is missed.

Government and public organisations around the southwest have commissioned the group to produce works of art to depict their establishment, and these are hung permanently within their corridors or entries. The tapestries include a transition from childhood to adulthood tapestry at the Cathedral Grammar School , a learning theme at the Southwest Institute of Technology, and Cartoon Characters in the children’s ward at Bunbury Regional Hospital.

Our members work individually unless commissioned and enjoy the grace of this art form, we are on hand to teach the novice and encourage new members

Meeting Times Wednesday 9 -3 Weekly


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