International Quilt Challenge

The Bunbury International Quilt Challenge is an annual exhibition hosted by the Bunbury Patchwork and Quilting group. Now in its 21st year, the exhibition has received entries from Canada, USA, Scotland, and from all over Australia.

This year’s theme is “I Like…”, with entries being judged by WA Quilters Association accredited judges. Quilters will be using a variety of fabrics and embellishments to interpret the theme.

This exhibition is on show at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Wittenoom Street, Bunbury. Exhibition runs daily 10am – 4pm, closes Sunday 17th June.

 Congratulations to our winners…

1st #23 I Love Charles Rennie Mackintosh Joy Lockhart, Jarrahdale  WA
2nd #40 Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid) Helen Wheeler, Busselton WA
3rd #34 Harmony  Barbara Gore, Australind  WA
Highly Commended #1 Basket Case Julie McAllister,  Peppermint Grove,  WA
Best in Bunbury #7 Spirit of the Dance Julie MacLeod, Bunbury WA

2018 entries



Basket Case

Julie McAllister,  Peppermint Grove,  WA

I Like miniature, traditional and scrap quilts. All have drawing power in the quilting world and I’ve tried to combine these three themes in this small quilt.





Walking on the Beach with Nik


 Sue Mobilia,   Dongara WA

I Like nothing more than walking on the beach with my Nikon DSLR

In the Challenge fabric I saw the beautiful shades of white sand glistening by the clear water.




I Like the Brilliance Below the Ocean

Gloria Nelson, Port Denison WA

I Like the brilliance and mysteries that can be found below the ocean.

Vibrant colours and sea life make it seem another world.

Mysterious corals and plants are an amazing sight.



Tea and Roses – I Like a Challenge

Jan Rowe, Karrinyup WA

The fabric evoked memories of my Mother.

Tea – her favourite drink.

Pink and green – her usual clothing and decorating colours.

The beach, shells and tennis – her favourite pastimes.

Pearls – her choice of jewellery and of course – roses.



I Like, no, Love Colour

Joanne McCue, Stonehouse Scotland UK

I Like Colour, daisies and bears so they’re together here. Scotland is a beautiful country but the weather can be dreich (dull and miserable) so colour is important to me.

Hand applique/machine quilted


I Like Crazy Quilts

Rhonda Boner, Currambine WA

A long-held desire to sew a “neutrals” crazy quilt was satisfied when I saw the beautiful Challenge Fabric. Being a novice quilter, this is my first “creation” – no pattern, no instructions. I like crazy quilts!



Spirit of the Dance

Julie MacLeod, Bunbury WA

I love dance, gymnastic and ice-dance and was inspired by the Challenge fabric to create my entry.



I Like Bunbury Ocean Life

Tracey Finn, Kinross WA

I’ve grown up around the ocean in Timaru NZ and now continue to love it in Australia. But especially love the ocean life down Bunbury way




Linda O’Toole, Gooseberry Hill  WA

I Like all dogs, so I started with photos of three of my dogs but chose Pangaa on her own. I wanted to capture her gentle soul, along with her tentative posture.



Bush Babies

Silke Steuxner, Secret Harbour  WA

I Like – Possums. On a trip to Pemberton I was fortunate enough to encounter this nocturnal creature. Observing this agile animal making it’s way through the trees, even coming up close to it when it roamed the forest floor for a short while, brought me great joy.




Judy Docksey, Armadale,  NSW

I like that between the black and white, grey and beige of life such as chores, jobs and responsibilities, there are lots of colourful times, especially family events, achievements, travel and celebrations. Colour triumphs!!!



I Like Photographing Flowers

Jenny Loss, Pelican  NSW

I like to photograph flowers and gardens as inspiration for my various textile projects.  I have used various techniques including layering, machine embroidery, quilting and patchwork.  The Challenge fabric is used in the ‘frames’ of the photographs.




Peg Pennell, Ashland, Nebraska USA

So many things I like in one quilt: a cat, the music of Prince, Ultra Violet (Pantone’s 2018 colour of the year) and Australian fabric.  Creating a tribute to the artist and a piece I adore.



I like English Roses

 Jillian Plester, Donnybrook  WA

I consider English roses to be elegant and beautiful, with a delicious Old Rose fragrance. The blooms are gracefully poised to create an effect of daintiness and charm.



New Life

Peggy Lawton, Hamlyn Terrace NSW

I Like… Sycamore seeds, hanging in the autumn light, waiting on slender vines until a breeze releases them to gently ‘helicoptor’ down to a New Life



I Like a Tight Embrace

Pat Forster, Mt Pleasant  WA

Orange and beige motifs, embracing tightly.

Otherwise they hug envelop, cuddle, clasp, enfold, encase, snuggle, nestle, conoodle, hold close, entangle._

These words are quilted .

A fractal at   inspired the design.



Lone Survivor

Maxine  Fry, Golden Grove   SA

Lone Survivor, I like wild coastal beaches with twisted wind swept trees forming all sorts of strange shapes as they struggle to grow on the forever moving sand dunes. As a child I fondly remember the fabulous times I had with my brothers and sisters running up and down these sand dunes and playing in the water on the beaches around Beachport  SA




Carlene Williams, Australind WA

My love of tulips began when as a young child we learnt about Holland at school. Tulips, clogs, strange windmills and all that cheese – how I dreamt of one day visiting this intriguing place. Two visits to Amsterdam have cemented my fascination with this wonderful ‘gem’ of nature….the elegance, shape and colours….so much to like.



 Snapshots  of Colour    

Sandra Brazier, Australind  WA

I LIKE..the colours of the seasons.

I have created ‘photos’ of scenes I enjoy to represent each season; a Pohutukawa tree

on the beach for summer ,a deciduous tree for autumn, snow for winter and tulips

for spring. This is what I missed in the years I lived in the Tropics.



Freedom is Happiness

Dorothy Bodrogai, Eaton  WA

I like the 3D Block pattern and have used it to portray ‘Freedom’. Whilst I enjoy my  freedom there is sadness thinking about the  millions of stateless people in the world with only dreams of freedom.  Yes, Freedom is Happiness.



Cyndi Lauper Portrait

Linda Stacey, Dalyellup  WA

I like the environment and I like working with scrap fabrics and have created this Cyndi Lauper portrait. Featuring from her album cover this quilt will bring ya to the brink!!



Majestic Gum Trees

Margaret Holme, Dunsborough  WA

Having lived on a farm for more than forty years, I love the beauty of the stately gum trees which make an impressive sight in a rural landsape.



I Love Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Joy Lockhart, Jarrahdale  WA

I have great admiration for C.R. Mackintosh, a Glasgow art nouveau architect. The quilt design incorporates decorative motifs, a colour palette and strongly linear style reminiscent of his work.



I Like Flowers

Ann Halden, Moama NSW

Everyone likes flowers. Cotton fabric & wadding used for flowers with Texture Magic centres. Lacy leaves constructed using vanishing fabric and embroidered cotton. Quilted background. Embroidered ladybug.



Coffee with Cream

Robyn Stringer, Narrogin  WA

I like little pieces.

I like to be at one with my beautiful fabric. I have moved toward English paper piecing as I develop a relationship and bond with my work.

I love the challenge of a limited colour range and who doesn’t love

coffee with cream?



Awakened Nature

Gary Joachim, Junction Village   VIC

I like the way nature planted or springs naturally, in all its beauty with a backdrop of some beautiful form, straight or curved lines of architecture. The stark pink render of “The Royal Hawaiian Hotel” built 1927. While on holiday, all my collection of pictures, to portray these images in fabric and thread. Externally or internally to fill vases and urns, unity of nature and man-made creates a reigning harmony of all that I like.



Room with a View

Dorothy Lane, Eaton WA

I like my garden because – after whiling away the time lovingly tending it, I can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of my labour, when I look through my windows at the vibrant profusion of colour and contrast.



Outside the Block

Stephanie Allen, Mirani  QLD

Outside the Box – is about everything I do with my textile art.

I like to do things differently. I like colour and I like textures.


My Quilt Buddy

Karen Berry, Canada

I like my quilting partner whose purring is music to my ears. He is my thread supervisor and my constant companion.



These are a Few of my Favourite Things

Jenny Ford, Ferntree Gully   VIC

I like…

(With apologies to “Sound of Music”)

I like munching on chocolate, so sweet and so yummy,

Good for my mood, not so good for my tummy,

Books by the fireside on chilly evenings,

These are a few of my favourite things.

I like going away on exciting vacations,

Working with plants in my garden creations,

But sewing and Quilting, above all the rest,

Must be the past-time that I like best.


Oscar the Camel

Jacqueline Craigs, Camillo   WA

This is Oscar my camel. I like to spend time with him to relax, even sneaking a kiss. From a distance Oscar’s face is the prominent feature but as you approach, the fabric and stitching become the focus.


I Like the Challenge

Linda Bailue, Pomona  QLD

I like to challenge myself to only use fabrics in my stash.  My personal challenge is to stay true to myself and use traditional methods of piecing, i.e. this quilt is English Paper pieced. My current challenge is to improve my free motion quilting skills. Oh, and I like a little bling.


Homage to Peter Mondrian

Julie Ward, Woodend  VIC

I like the simplicity of Dutch artist Peter Mondrian’s (1872-1944) abstract work and have enjoyed blending the ‘tame’ challenge fabric with the vibrancy of his primary colour palette. His work is all about precision, mine displays a more organic and fluid approach to life.



Barbara Gore, Australind  WA

I like the way a chameleon changes skin colour to blend in to look like the colours around it. Maybe if we had this ability we would live in more harmony.


In The Countryside

Magdelin Rodrigues, Midland WA

I like the peaceful surroundings of the countryside when traveling around WA.

Inspired by the “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” pattern and its history, this quilt

aims to depict the picturesque views of the greenery and blue skies.


Starry Starry Night

Bobby Hudd, Spearwood WA

I Like…..the shimmering night sky that sparkles, twinkles and shines.

This quilt is my interpretation of a minuscule portion of earth’s night sky.

These 684 tiny pieces of fabric represent just a microscopic piece of our milky way.

Jenny Bowker’s shimmering Triangles pattern was my inspiration for this quilt and

Jenny has graciously given me permission to use her pattern for my work. I have added my own variations to this piece by designing the central block to honour and promote the challenge fabric in my quilt which I have named “Starry  Starry” Night


Summer Days

Gail Ryle, Eaton WA

I like making small blocks and bright colours. It makes me like “Summer Days are here again”


Colour Magic

Daphne Shearer, Bunbury WA

The seven Circles of primary and secondary colours combined with the whites of the Challenge fabric and the black, grey of the binding produce the endless colour combinations, tones, tints, shades, intensity and hues used in creating coloured fabric represented by the raw edged patches of fabric used as the challenge fabric background.


Serenity or Solitude (it’s up to you)

Laurel Eaton, Bunbury WA

I like pansies and thought-provoking quote. Serenity or solitude (it’s up to you) With the happy little faces of pansies I never feel lonely in my garden, even when I am alone, I enjoy the serenity.


Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid)

Helen Wheeler, Busselton WA

I Like…..Phalaenopis (moth orchid)

I have always liked, orchids; admired many and grown a small number of both tropical and cool climate varieties over the years. For me nothing epitomises the elegance and beauty of orchids more than the Phalaenopsis variety.



William Morris Revisited

Zita Lohr, Geographe  WA

I Like….the nature-based designs of William Morris. I am intrigued by his design processes and choice. A page from his sketchbook showing the development of his trellis wallpaper provided the inspiration for this quilt.




Julia Craigs, Byford  WA

Having had a number of eye operations to maintain sight in one of my eyes, I realize how much I like to see, not only to sew but to enjoy watching my great grand-children but also to admire the many beautiful things in the world.



I Like to Feel

Rhina Dalbert, Bunbury WA

I like my family, they make me feel safe.

I like to travel, it makes me feel alive.

I like my friends, they make me feel happy.

I like my dog, he makes me feel loved.



Remarkable Creatures

Judy Patterson, Bunbury  WA

I like shells and I loved Tracy Chevalier’s story of Mary Anning an English fossil collector, dealer and paeleontologist. It is thought the tongue-twister “she sells seashells by the seashore” is about her. I also like Luixen Newman’s “Seashells Seashells”.



Natures Peace

Erica McGuigan, Eaton WA

Early morning sunlight glistens on the dew drops that dangle from a spider’s web while busy bees work amongst the flowers.

I find reflective solitude in our garden, it helps me relax and recharge it’s a rejuvenating place.

I Love It.

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