Meat Tasting Fundraiser

On Saturday November 6 2021, Murdoch university researchers will be attending Stirling Street Arts Centre to conduct a research session where community members are invited to taste test seven beef or lamb samples. The data that Murdoch University will collect from this research underpins the MSA grading system for meat sold in Australia which contributes to improving the quality of Australian meat and the future success of our meat industry.

The research session provides Stirling street Arts Centre with much needed funds so we can continue to deliver arts and cultural activities to the community of the South West.

This event is free to attend, participants need to attend a 1 hour session and fill out a survey form on completion. Participants must:

  • Be aged over 18 years old
  • Be regular consumers of red meat, at least once per fortnight
  • Be willing to eat samples of red meat cooked to medium doneness (will be slightly pink in the middle)
  • Not be suffering from any medical condition precluding the consumption of cooked meat
  • Have not attended a tasting within 6 months

Please read the terms and conditions before completing the form submission below.


Meat Tasting Fundraiser

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