BSS18: Meet the Tutors


Troy Bennell

Troy has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, as an artist, cultural performer, gallery curator and ambassador for tourism in Australia. Proud of his Noongar heritage, his country and the place where he grew up, Troy has combined those passions into Ngalang Wongi Aboriginal Cultural Tours and uses his skills in tourism and story-telling to promote his greatest passion… his homeland and the cultural heritage of his people.

Very much a family affair, members of Troy’s family, both elders and young people will occasionally join the tours, bringing their own unique, intergenerational perspective to the Ngalang Wongi story.

Troy also works extensively with local Indigenous youth and is involved in developing ‘on country’ programs aimed at helping at risk young people through interaction with positive role models from within their local community

Emily Bennett

Emily began with Stirling Street Arts Centre earlier in 2017 volunteering in the Kids Arts Afterschool classes whilst she studies her Bachelor of Education. Emily has shone through assisting these classes with her bright and bubbly personality, and has quickly taken to leading her own workshops in watercolour, drawing, and painting.


Horatio T Birtdbath 

A self-described “gregarious hermit” this amazingly prolific Australian artist creates impossibly-detailed and intricate images of fun, fantasy, warmth and magic that defy any attempt at classification.

Delighting both children and adults equally, his work encompasses drawing, caricature, photography, painting, sculpture, audio/visual installations and performance art. His creative philosophy is rooted in the observation that much of life is beautiful, magical and unexplainable all at once. 

 His unique brand and life-view reminds us that even in the darkest of times, life remains beautiful and precious regardless.

Christine Blowfield

I have found the foundation of my works are colour and light. In any medium, this is what I love to portray. Many times painting items that we see around us and in our beautiful South west area. I love the Australian colours of the bush, our wildflowers and our gum trees. They have a unique form and even more unique colours.

Drawing was always strong in my studies, as my first medium was soft pastels, I found I had a naturally lineal feel about my works. But colour and light soon took over, as I progressed to Acrylics. I enjoy working big and boldly, layering the canvas with many textures as I develop the piece. Textures do form an important bases, and I vary these regularly to achieve different atmospheric perspective.

Exhibiting regularly Australia wide, I have had some amazing successes and I’m represented in collections worldwide.

Angelique Bowald / Gigite’s Music Tuition

I teach Ukulele and guitar from complete beginners up to intermediate level.

In the summer school workshop for beginners you will learn to play a few easy riffs and an easy song. You will be introduced to music notation as well as tablature chords and notes and we will try to have a little jam at the end together in both the ukulele and guitar workshops

I am a small business owner with 5 tutors as well as myself working from my home teaching children from 3 years to adults. Private and group lessons.  Ukulele, acoustic/electric guitar, acoustic drumming, flute, singing /voice, harmonica, bass guitar.

Breezi + Nitro / South West Urban Movement

Southwest Urban Movement is a Hip Hop dance studio in Bunbury which focuses on urban dance styles including Breaking, Freestyle and Urban Choreography. Our movement is about expressing yourself freely through Hip Hop dance. We are all about having fun, creating, challenging and discovering more about yourself. We use Hip Hop dance to unite people together and have fun expressing ourselves. Through this we learn from each other and move to a better future together.


The Bunbury City Band

was founded on 20 January 1904 and is a group of musicians of all ages, from a variety backgrounds and ability, who share a common interest and passion for music and community spirit.

The Bunbury City Band Inc. was entrusted by the City of Bunbury to look after City owned band rooms and instruments, in order operate as the Bunbury City Band. They are affiliated with the Western Australian Band Association Their current location is the Bunbury City Band Rooms, Cobblestone Drive, Bunbury, behind the Stirling Street Arts Centre.

Bunbury Croquet Club with Kim and Megan Reynolds

A love of a family game is what drew Kim and Megan into initially playing Croquet. Now with over 10 years each of interstate and international competition experience, they are keen to introduce others to the fascinating game of Golf Croquet and Classic Association Croquet. Both are accredited coaches and Kim has successfully coached the first Australian Player to reach a semi-final in a World Tournament. Both Kim and Megan continue to coach at State Level.

Ashley Chitty / Chitty Bang

Rollerskating since 2012 with the local roller derby league and playing competitive for 4 years. After a trip to the bi-annual national tournament in Adelaide 2014, we met our first ramp skaters and brought the thrill home once discovering the Chicks in Bowls movement. Between a few of us we started a South West WA chapter and have gown the enthusiasm, stoke, and skill in the skateparks ever since. Welcoming anyone willing to have a go and help overcome fears in the skate community.

Claire Connolly

is a certified Dru Yoga teacher and have been practising yoga for the last 10 years and teaching for the last 3 years.  Dru is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation.  With its foundations firmly set in ancient yogic tradition, Dru works on the body, mind and spirit – improving strength and flexibility, creating core stability, building heightened positive feelings, and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating your whole being.

Rebecca Corps

Born in Perth, Rebecca lived in the north of Western Australia with her husband and young family for 12 years before moving to Bunbury. Her passion for textiles and work as a seamstress over 20 years led to an interest in textile art and a Bachelor of Arts Honours at ECU South West. She has exhibited in various group exhibitions including the Bunbury Biennale, South West Survey, WAFTA TwentyOne and Wearable Art Showcase in Mandurah. Her recent works focus on the use of recycled textiles and eco-dyeing.

Dee Credaro

I am a locally grown artist, exhibiting in the southwest for many years, sharing what I know through workshops at Jackson’s in Busselton and in the Busselton Art Society. I explore many mediums and styles, two of which are “pen tangles” inks, and the more traditional pen and ink and brush monotone work. I also have a website where you can view some of my work in the different mediums to gain an idea of what to expect if you attend one of my workshops. I look forward to the colour, the mark making, the sharing and the great vibes.

Sharyn Egan

is a Nyoongar woman who was born in Subiaco (Western Australia) in 1957. She is an award winning artist, and has exhibited throughout Western Australia. Sharyn’s practice is primarily a sculpture artist, but has expanded her portfolio into mural painting and other public art projects, including commissions for community and government projects.

Brenda Ellen

is the resident Glass Artist and owner of LAVA Art Glass Gallery & Studio.

Fundamentally Brenda considers herself an architectural glass artist and still enjoys the root of her inspiration, leadlights and stained glass windows. Brenda immerses herself in colour and texture and likes to stretch her creativity translating life into glass, drawn to the physical and creative challenges within the restrictive boundaries. Striving to transform dimensions with the endless possiblities of the medium and combining various art glass techniques together.

Andrew Frazer

is a multidisciplinary artist from Bunbury, WA. Andrew’s narrative based art continues to draw upon experiences that connect us all through shared stories. From public murals, illustrations, hand lettering, design and arts management, his arts practice continues to expand and refine as a testament to his passion for personal growth.

Andrew was a tutor for Bunbury Summer School in 2017, teaching an Introduction to Hand Lettering. For 2018, Andrew continues tutoring with his Intermediate Hand Lettering & Typography class and an Introduction to Illustrated Character Design.

Rainbow Gold

Rainbow grew up in colourful Kenya gaining inspiration for her art and writing. Rainbow has been successfully exhibited in Derby and Bunbury and has published these books: “Dolphin Dreams” and “Unlock Your Potential”. In 1995, Rainbow became a Kinesiology Consultant and this made her passionate about the fascinating ‘Language of Colour Healing’ which forms the basis of her unique way of teaching art. H.M.says , “It’s exciting. It’s amazing. It’s natural and so powerful.

Michelle Grimston / BRAG

BRAG is the premier art gallery in the South West and runs a wide range of public programs year round for people interested in the arts at all levels. 

Michele Grimston is the Education and Communications Officer at BRAG.  She has a visual arts degree from the Australian National University and Masters in Community Cultural Development.  Michele is an artist, and is passionate about making the arts accessible and fun for anyone who wants to get involved.

Beth Ivanac

Beth has always enjoyed making all things arty. She did a pottery course at TAFE and the die was cast, pottery became her thing. After that, 30 years ago, she started doing a Tuesday Club Pottery class at Stirling Street Arts Centre and has not stopped since. She excels in making sculptural ceramic forms for indoor and outdoor, and loves to carve pattern and design into the clay. She is passionate about the Arts Centre and the opportunities it gives to everyone to learn, share and enjoy some ‘me’ time with like-minded people.

Natalie Jackson

Natalie learnt how to felt hats from her mum. Making hats for many years in different mediums for a number of years. Hat making is like baking a cake never quite know how it will come out. Natalie loves wearing hats and making classic hats that people can wear / wearable. Lives in the south west / a member of the Felter’s group. Has a pop-up shop called The Felting Pot in Nannup which opens up during the Nannup Flower and Garden Festival and the Nannup Music Festival.

Simon Jones

Simon Jones is passionate about everything vintage – from the fashion to the cars, but most of all the swing dancing craze of the 1930s and 40s. He has studied, taught and social danced his way through the last four years for the sheer joy of it.


Sue Kalab

is a watercolour artist in Bunbury Western Australia.  Her studio nestles in the dunes by the Indian Ocean.  Sue’s paintings meditate on the timeless and ephemeral in our lives – a portrayal of the moments of stillness, ever-present but often overlooked in the haste and hurry of modern life.   

Jane Hardy

Jane Hardy has been a practicing artist for years and worked across many disciplines.  She co-ordinates the Visual Arts Programs and lecturers at South Regional TAFE in Bunbury and Busselton.  Occasionally when an opportunity arises, Jane likes to spread her wings and teach outside of TAFE.  She was a tutor for the Bunbury Summer School in 2017 facilitating a Hebel Carving Workshop and enjoyed her experience so much she has taken up the opportunity to offer another similar workshop in 2018.

Sam Harris

Sam Harris is an internationally acclaimed photographer based in Western Australia. His 2015 photobook The Middle of Somewhere received a highly prestigious American Lucie Award 2015, as well as Australian Photobook of the Year 2015 – People’s Choice Award and the AIPP Book of the Year 2016, it was also short listed for another 6 international awards. His previous photobook Postcards from Home received the inaugural Australian Photobook of the Year 2011, as well as the Australian publishing industries Galley Club ‘Book of the Year’ and ‘Australian Book of the Year’ 2012.

Harris’ work has been exhibited in U.S.A., U.K., Italy, Portugal, India, Russia and Australia and resides in public and private collections. When not photographing, he lectures in photography and runs international workshops. Sam has 20,000 followers on Instagram.

Nirala Hunt

I have been creating natural skincare and other products for 35 years, beginning with Rivendell Farm in Ferguson Valley, where I worked alongside my mentor and friend,  Nerys Purchon.  I developed the Mosca range of products for Macnuts WA and continue to produce them with a mail order range of my own. I have published four books, both print and digital and have two more in process.

I enjoy exploring the possibilities of safe, natural ingredients from the garden and the pantry, which results in an eclectic group of workshops! I am inspired by the sharing of information with course participants and continually revise to incorporate new ideas and findings.

Marion Kaye

Marian Kaye has more than 10 years’ experience working with children and adults.  She uses effective and natural methods to help people overcome a number of issues.  As a holistic therapist, Marian Kaye combines her knowledge and skills in Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Literacy, the Demartini Method®, Aromatic

Kinesiology® and as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate to provide a safe space for your physical, mental and emotional healing and growth in all areas of life.

Krazie Kraze / Lee Kennedy

Krazie Kraze has been a hip hop, electronic music and digital artist for 20 years. Known for his conscious style of rapping, in his electro hip hop group The Freakz of The Nature, he has performed in most live venues around WA including supporting US Hip Hop group Arrested Development. Over the years The Freakz released an EP and album, and Krazie Kraze has also had multiple solo electronic music releases.

 Emma Louise Nisbet (Acting Up!)

is a Scottish singer and actress who currently resides in Busselton, WA. Emma Louise has a degree in Musical Theatre and currently teaches Drama, Musical Theatre and Private and Group singing lessons with Acting Up! Drama School. She recently was Musical Director for BRATS production of ‘Oliver’ that was performed in the Weld Theatre in Busselton in the July School Holidays.

Dawn Mathieson 

has been enjoying making mosaics for 20 years and sharing this love of making them with others for over 15 years. She is a member of the Art Centre’s Nippy Mosaics group. Her focus is on design, colour and texture, and making useful household and garden items into colourful and beautiful pieces.

 Freda Meckelburg 

studied Performance Design at WAAPA  in the late 1990s. Her first professional job, at the ABC in Sydney was designing and art directing iconic kids tv shows such as Play school and Hi-5. Highlights of her career include coordinating the prop making department for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony and helping to create costumes for two out of three of the Matrix films. She has designed costumes for Australian independent films, television and commercials. She has taught design for film at the Victorian College of the Arts, the West Australian Academy of Performing arts, The Film and Television Institute and Central Institute of TAFE. Freda currently lives in the beautiful South West of Western Australia with her family.

Sarah McBride 

was born in England in 1966. After travelling extensively and bringing up a family she is now based in Bunbury, Western Australia. Sarah has now renewed her passion for art and paints full time. Sarah is a self taught artist. Sarah’s specialises in portraits,  whether it be animals or human subjects. She looks for the quirky, different and the unusual and has many fans of her work. In between portraits she loves to recreate some of the beautiful landscapes she saw on her travels. 


Colette McEntee 

As the creative driver of Maker + Co, Colette offers arts expertise that is unique in its diversity and breadth. A 20 year arts career has taken her on a journey from world class venues in London’s West End to outback theatres in WA, 300 piece exhibitions in ghost towns, multimedia public artworks in regional airports, sculptures on highways, Ngarluma language on water towers in Wickham and lots in between. With a sound reputation in London and WA as an arts manager, she has a growing reputation in Australia for her ability to undertake and deliver highly complex projects.  She combines absolute professionalism with a natural ability to create grassroots relationships and community connections.

Jacky McFarlane 

assemblage artist living in Donnybrook.  Keeper of Memories and story teller, lover of all things vintage.  Assemblage books are a 3 dimensional medium to tell a story of family memories. Assemblage and Mixed Media tutor at Artistic Journey Art Retreats.   Previous owner of Artistic Journey in Perth and Organiser of Art Retreats in Perth and Melbourne with well known artists in Mixed Media and Assemblage Art in 2007 to 2009.

 Julie McKie

is a passionate artist specialising in collage from recycled papers including magazines, calendars, tea bags, sheet music, tissue paper and decorative papers.

Hadassah Morris 

is a singer-songwriter who’s journey has taken her around the globe.
Originated from Holland, studied vocals in England and song writing in Sydney.Settled in Bunbury, performing at weddings, café’s, parties. She teaches vocals to adults and children, individual and in groups. Passionate about making singing possible for anyone.
No matter what skill level, Hadassah is able to give people tools to improve and grow in confidence about their own voice and capability.

Dee (Deanna) Mosca D-ranged

is primarily a painter and arts coordinator at Stirling Street Arts Centre. She works with acrylics and oils on drawn canvas, exploring the human condition through moody expressionist realism. Dee also works her portraits on a larger scale, creating murals around the South West and internationally, combined with bright colours and exciting patterns. When she isn’t painting or managing other arts projects and events, she dabbles in crafts including pottery, weaving, and macrame.

Davida Palmer 

had a love affair with clay from the first moment of contact. So much so that that I find that it consumes most of my waking hours; whether it is working on my own pieces or being involved with other potters. I strive to make that extra special piece, setting myself almost impossible goals at times. There is nothing more rewarding than that moment when the pot emerges from the flames.

Sabine Pfuhl

Sabine began playing violin at the age of 13 and has been inspiring a love of music in countless beginners ever since. She is a member of the Philharmonic South West Orchestra and has dedicated much of her life to music. Sabine is also an award winning artist and author of a children’s book.

Liz Royce 

is an artist and designer living in the SW of Western Australia.

She has worked as an art teacher, a mural painter, ( creating child friendly spaces in hospitals and schools in Public Art projects) and in contemporary painting and printmaking, instinctively utilizing and consciously integrating design elements into all aspects of her work.

The natural world dominates in theme, from quirky caricatures of animals and birds, to the abstraction and exploration of the diverse and unique aspects of the flora of this part of Australia.

Nina Smith

Nina Smith is a Donnybrook-based writer and costume designer. She is the author of the dark comic fantasy series Shadow, as well as thrillers Hailstone and Dead Silent. As a former journalist and now editor and communications specialist, she has immersed in a diverse range of professional and creative writing disciplines.

 Pam Teede

Pam Teede has been painting in pastels for 18 years. She is inspired by nature and her garden and surroundings and places in sw and on holidays. Often work from photos. Teaching for 9 years and run workshops throughout the south west. A member of the Australind Art Club for 18 years and has exhibited all over the state.

Rhonda Tomerini

Rhonda began dressmaking as a child with her grandmother who was a tailor and has continued the family tradition and passion by training as a Commercial Dressmaker. She has taught for many years and now concentrates on her love of creative textiles and freeform stitchery. Using the sewing machine as a drawing tool, she steers the stitches using them to create textiles from wool and strips of silk.

Helen Wheeler

Helen’s patchwork and quilting journey began in 2000 when a wall hanging in a patchwork shop window caught her attention. Having never been inside a patchwork shop before, she entered to take a closer look and make enquiries, and came out having signed up for a beginners patchwork course. She has since won numerous awards including winning the Bunbury International Quilt Challenge several times. Helen has exhibited throughout the South West and has a number of years experience in teaching her craft.


 Rosemarie Williams

Rosemarie fell in love with Laughter Yoga from the first time she attended the Bunbury Laughter Club in 2010.  Laughter Yoga has enabled her to laugh more often and more readily.  As well as leading Laughter Sessions at the Club, Rosemarie has shared the health benefits of laughter at many Community Events, Conferences, Schools, Aged-Care Facilities and Work-Places.  You are invited to join her for a stress-busting, Endorphin-boosting Laughter Session.  As you know “Laughter is the best medicine” 


 Charlotte White & Anna Waller

Our dynamic duo! Charlotte & Anna have been teaching our budding young artists for two years with all sorts of arts and crafts. They run programs for the kids home school and afterschool every term, and the ever popular Arts & Crafts Mixups each school holidays. Charlotte has been practicing arts and crafts since graduating with a Visual Arts degree in 2006, whilst Anna has an extensive experience of teaching crafts with young children in primary schools. Catch them again these holidays over a variety of Mixups!

Leanne White

Leanne White grew up in the beautiful sea-side town of Albany. A very free range child, Leanne and her brothers roamed the bush or beach for hours. Wildlife encounters (feathered, furred or finned) were part of their common days play.

Later as a teacher, she moved to the far north of Western Australia, and lived on a little farm surrounded by bush. Here the wildlife was even more exciting with brighter colours and a cheekier nature. In fact, it seemed the wildlife did not understand how to stay in the bush.

Tony Windberg

Multi-award winning artist Tony Windberg is represented in major corporate, public and private collections.  He has been invited to exhibit in significant state and national group exhibitions, and has held 15 solo exhibitions. In 2014, he was the subject of the international film Tony Windberg – Painter in the Woods. A popular teacher, Tony enjoys sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for all things art!