Sharon Hinchliffe

Sharon Hinchliffe

After recently deciding to practice art fulltime, I was delighted at the opportunity to participate in the Artist in Residence program at Stirling Street Arts Centre in October and November. During my time in the studio, my intention was to focus on developing my ideas into sculptural work with ceramics.


From the first day as Artist in Residence, I was generously accepted into the SSAC creative community. Working in my own studio space, I was able to dedicate time and focus on my current projects and let new ideas develop. I appreciated the daily visits from SSAC members and learnt so much from conversations about their own practice and love of art. Working in the positive and nurturing culture of the Bunbury Studio Potters, members generously shared information, knowledge, clay and tools as I put my ideas into practice and I came away with several pieces I was really happy with.


Before I began, the work I intended to do was planned out in detailed notes and lists, however what I didn’t anticipate (and which didn’t make onto any of my lists!) was the extra benefits that were gained from this experience. I was introduced to the skills and talents of artists who worked in disciplines I had not previously been exposed to, and I met established and new artists who shared information about their work and philosophies and asked me about mine. After mostly working in solitary without feedback and gaining knowledge from other artists, these were the experiences that I feel have been most valuable to me. After my time as Artist in Residence, I feel my work has taken on a new direction which I look forward to continuing to evolve.

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Photos: Virtual Sanity VA and Imagery