SPECTRUM by Natalie Watts

“I’ve been interested and involved with making art my entire life. From a young age, all I wanted to do was experiment with colour. Drawing, colouring, and painting took up the majority of my own ‘quiet time’. Later as an adult I moved into print media, focusing on mark making studying print media at University.
In naming this exhibition Spectrum, there are several meanings. Spectrum can be a band of colours, produced by a separation of light. There are also references to frequency, sound and scale. People are seldom found in any of my artwork. I prefer to work with lines, intersections of colour and mediums, using inks, acrylic paints, paper, canvas, fabric and ceramics.
In my art I like to capture the movement of the world and the environment in which I live.
I have been experimenting with both full colour and monochrome palettes as a way to capture light, movement and scale to evoke a feeling within the observer. I invite the viewer to look into each piece, decide what you can see, what you feel and what you can take away from the random and seemingly chaotic nature of the fluid lines and minute details.”
SPECTRUM opens at 6pm on Saturday 29 July, exhibiting until Wednesday 9 August – come and explore these joyful works, crafted from a range of mediums, and perhaps make a unique piece your very own!