TIED- Exhibition by The Bunbury Felting Group

The Bunbury Felting Group welcome you to their ‘TIED’ exhibition. In Studio 6 at Stirling Street Arts Centre

Friday 8th – Friday 22nd April

The Bunbury Felting Group showcase their artistic skill in a colourful and creative display using the Matryoshka Doll shape and Australian merino wool to interpret the idiom “Tied to the Apron Strings”.

A visual felt interpretation of the idiom “tied to the apron strings”. Red the colour of blood, is represented in the base organic material of merino wool and used to create each member of the family who are formed around identical templates, inspired by the Matryoshka Doll shape, using the process known as felting – one of the oldest textile arts. But just as in life the dolls have grown to reflect the differences in physiognomy and personality that are evident in true siblings.

The red ribbons extending from the apron to the dolls depict both the unique bloodlines that connect the family lineage but also signify the subject’s deep maternal desire to hold family close. Perhaps there is a darker unwillingness to fulfil the ultimate responsibility to sever the ties, relinquish control and give a healthy independence to the next generation.


Bunbury Felting Group Tied Exhibition at Stirling Street Arts Centre