TIME WARP – Exhibition by The Bunbury Weavers

The Bunbury Weavers welcome you to their exhibition, Time Warp. In the Hallway space at Stirling Street Arts Centre, from the 4th- 27th April.

This exhibition represents some of the best examples of the Bunbury Weavers and Bunbury Tapestry Weavers groups from the past 20 years. There are works made from cotton, linen and wool. All are handwoven on a variety of looms including ridge heddle looms, table looms, inkle looms and floor looms. The works represent everything from simple structures with an emphasis on texture to complex structures with an emphasis on design, pattern and colour.

History of the Bunbury Weavers at Stirling Street Arts Centre:

Bunbury Weavers have always been a very strong and prolific group, it was started in 1984 by Iris Mort, over the years many new members have joined us and we have a strong philosophy of mentoring new weavers. The group has a room containing a variety of looms and we meet each week on a Friday at Stirling Street Art Centre.

Exhibition Opening 9th April, 2-4pm. Afternoon tea provided.  This will be a joint opening with The Bunbury Felting Group exhibition, TIED in the new building at Stirling Street Art Centre.

If you would like to learn Intro to Weaving with the Bunbury Weavers they will be running a two-day workshop on the 9th & 30th April. Stay tuned for more information.

Closed- 15th (Good Friday) & 18th (Easter Monday) and 25th (Anzac Day)