Timeless Stitches

Timeless Stitches: Embroidery’s Passage Through Ages

SSAC is proud to be presenting the first exhibition by our Hand Embroidery group to be held in our new building! This group is made up of individuals who come together to share their passion and love for creating beautiful works by hand. Some joined with no experience. Many learned the basic stitches at school, where it was a compulsory subject for girls. It was known at the time as “fancy work” – the image heading their poster is an example, made by member Maureen Miller at age 18.

Now, their knowledge has expanded to styles from around the world, developed throughout the centuries. Their study of the artform can be seen in this exhibition, one stitch at a time. We hope everyone will make time to come and enjoy these delicate, intricate works and appreciate the incredible time invested to create them!